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Glenn Jones Ad kicks off new All Dunn Advertising client/partnership deal

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

All Dunn Advertising (ADA) and Glenn Jones have reached a Client/Partnership deal where the Grammy Nominee and recent TV One "UNSUNG" subject will serve as a Product Endorser and Product Placement Executive according to terms. ADA welcomes such a multi-talented artist and music producer with years of international exposure. "We are simply elated!" states Prince Levy (Glenn Jones manager).

Both ADA and Glenn Jones Music brands will benefit as the newly released 30 second ad promotes the CITY WINERY performances. City Winery is a multi-city performance venue chain. Marianne Eggleston (ADA marketing consultant) explains "this partnership provides ADA, the artist and venue the unique opportunity to enhance their Brands while increasing revenues!". The relationship with Glenn Jones/City Winery live performances kicks off the branding campaign. The prospect of adding the venues as ad clients can serve as a multi promotional bonanza leading to the coveted "SOLDOUT" banner.



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