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ADA CEO Dunn Pearson named Executive Director of Orlando Urban Film Festival

Orlando, FL - January 27, 2024 - The Orlando Urban Film Festival (OUFF) founder, Marianne S. Eggleston is thrilled to announce the appointment of All Dunn Advertising CEO Dunn Pearson as its new Executive Director. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the entertainment industry, Pearson brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to this crucial role.


"Dunn Pearson's dedication, leadership skills, and deep-rooted passion for the arts make him the ideal candidate to lead the Orlando Urban Film Festival into its next chapter," said Marianne S. Eggleston, OUFF Founder. "We are confident that under his guidance, the festival will continue to thrive and serve as a vital platform for showcasing outstanding urban cinema."


Pearson's extensive background in film, television and music uniquely positions him to steer the OUFF towards greater success.

As the CEO of All Dunn Advertising, Pearson has demonstrated his ability to drive marketing initiatives effectively, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement for various projects.


"The OUFF Team has a rich history of nurturing talent and promoting diversity and inclusion in the world of cinema," remarked Pearson. "I am honored to join this esteemed organization and look forward to building upon its legacy of celebrating cultural films, documentaries, music, and photography from creators worldwide."


Founded on the principles of inclusivity and artistic excellence, the Orlando Urban Film Festival has played a pivotal role in elevating the careers of emerging and established filmmakers alike. The festival's commitment to showcasing diverse voices and perspectives has earned it recognition as a leading platform for urban cinema.


"We are energized by the diversity and inclusivity that defines the OUFF. Connecting our sponsors, partners and associates to OUFF programs is crucial to providing support to our future and present talented students of the arts." added Pearson. "Together with the dedicated team behind the festival, I am committed to fostering an environment where creativity thrives, and all voices are heard."

"This Executive Directorship provides me the opportunity to turn ADA assets into OUFF sponsors, which means we get to receive funds instead of just spending!" laughs Dunn

“Under Pearson's leadership, the Orlando Urban Film Festival looks forward to continuing its tradition of honoring and awarding the best talents in urban cinema while providing creators with a prominent stage to share their work with audiences worldwide”, stated the OUFF Executive Board.


For more information about the Orlando Urban Film Festival, please visit


Contact: Media Relations Orlando Urban Film Festival



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