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ADA Parent Company All Dunn Projects & Services launches "Visionmercials"...

Welcome to the world of Visionmercials (Vision Commercials) where we combine project visions with visual commercial technology and techniques. If you have an idea or business directive that requires multi one on one or group discussions, ADPS Visionmercials is your solution. We condense and enhance visions/ideas/directives to clear and concise messaging (30 & 60 secs up to 4 minutes). In other words we take those long drawn out idea/vision speeches and create Visionmercials. or what we like to call "GET TO IT"

Now you can spend less time explaining the vision and more time on the vision execution.

CEO Dunn Pearson, I created the Visionmercial idea as a solution to the many solicitations for project financing and participations I receive. I was frustrated by my having to listen to these long (well intended) 15-30 minute speeches about what the project is etc... knowing that at the end the money is the main point. So after 60 seconds I would politely interrupt and tell them that for my participation you must present a Visionmercial to show/explain your vision/idea so after my review we can get to it, execution, feasibility and financial participation. The extra caveat to Visionmercial is that ADPS will produce this service for you at a cost we deemed participation entry fee. Now the solicitor would have to put some skin in the game behind this wonderful idea/vision.

Of course the next question is do I have a Visionmercial example and how much does it cost. My response "Glad you asked, here's what I use when I'm soliciting my music talents/services. Quickly I show the 60 sec career highlight video that not only shows who I am but simply says if you need anything that requires music services I'm Dunn and I can get it Done!" Now we can talk about project execution, feasibility and my

Dunn Pearson 60 sec career highlights

This Visionmercial was certainly helpful in explaining vision to over 5,000 Kent State University alumni...

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