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ADA welcomes My Hearty Leaf Tea & Boutique

My Hearty Leaf Tea & Boutique, one of West Haven, CT’s premier luxury shops that exclusively sells 100% vegan made products, also widely known for its professional-friendly meeting spaces where business-minded and vegan lifestyle enthusiasts gather to find exquisite vegan treasures, is proud to announce its new arrival of product lines of authentic vegan-made footwear, accessories, desserts and teas.

For the quintessential Vegan, your shopping experience is par-to-none at the Boutique; you are greeted by top-notched, well-informed professionals about Vegan lifestyle brands and to ensure your shopping experience is relaxing, the staff offers a variety of teas from which to pair with your unique shopping experience. Ladies, between finding many one-of-kind items, you are also nurtured by the warm, personalized care offered by the staff; every part of your shopping experience is unique and tailored to enrich your visit.

The Boutique is West Haven's slice of Vegan heaven not only for shopping, but also networking. As a first-class gathering place, new friendships are made and old-ones continue to enjoy sharing a healthy stylish shopping experience. If you are a newbie, you will too.

Don't miss out! To ensure everyone has an opportunity to experience the richness of My Hearty Leaf Tea & Boutique, be sure to add the e-commerce store to your online shopping network. There are so many wonderful items to treat one’s self to or purchase a Gift Card to send for special occasions.

My Hearty Leaf Tea & Boutique is not only a brand, it’s a lifestyle.




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