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"REASSURE YOUR CUSTOMERS"-Open for business, but will consumers return?

Updated: May 6, 2020

Polls show that despite reopening having begun, 71% of Americans are not ready to return, making it very difficult for business owners to effectively provide complete service. All Dunn Advertising (ADA) offers new "Reassure your Customers" ad campaigns aimed at reassuring all Coronavirus COVID-19 guidelines are followed. Directly addressing your consumers, your specialized ad campaign will assure your business is providing a safe and healthy environment. Reconnecting and rebuilding public trust is most important to re-establishing a healthy flow of customers, leading to regenerating lost revenues.

Currently, Americans are watching television in record numbers so ADA Television Campaigns are the leading option in reaching your company target audience. Understanding these trying times, rates are affordable for all budgets and we offer deferred payment plans if needed.

Remember, Reassure your customers and they will trust your business is a safe and healthy environment . Let's get started now. Limited special packages available




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