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New Book Ad WOMEN WHO COUNT highlights Women Who Count in mathematics

From pioneers to contemporaries, multiple faces from the book Women Who Count: Honoring African American Women Mathematicians kicks off an extensive marketing/media campaign. The initial 30 second ad focuses on the branding of 'women who count' previewing the book content of highlighting the significant achievements made by these Unhidden Figures.

Inspired to write a math children's activity book, Author Dr. Shelly M Jones encourages the young readers to "have fun doing the activities but don't forget to read and learn about these wonderful women who happened to love mathematics". The book provides content for all ages.

The book's publisher, American Mathematical Society, a giant leader in mathematics research, publications and advocacy provides All Dunn Advertising an unique opportunity to market the book to many unconventional outlets. Future powerhouse ads will promote the brand while raising awareness to the WOMEN WHO COUNT.

In addition to internet/online media campaigns, tv time buys will be placed in the northeast region expanding to the increasing author book tour dates cities.



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