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ADA’s Launch of the Inaugural TV Ad campaign for PRN Staffers, Inc. is off to a Rousing Success!

All Dunn Advertising based in CT, known for its effective media solutions and deliverables is proud to add PRN Staffers, Inc., of Milford, DE to its roster of successful TV ad and Device campaigns.

In March 2022, PRN Staffers, Inc., a leading home health care staffing agency relocated its headquarters to Milford, DE, which has a vast need for home health services and in surrounding counties. Milford’s mayor, business owners, and the community overwhelmingly supported its grand reopening and ribbon cutting ceremony.

The results from the launch increased and expanded the visibility and brand of the staffing agency as a household name in home health care services.

April’s Analytics and Key Metrics shows the campaign reached 90.8% of its Impression Goals and the Targeted audiences spent over 29 hours viewing and interacting with the commercial. In addition, the commercials were delivered 4,010 times with in premium online content. Very impressive for a soft launch.

PRN’s president, Retired RN and former attorney, Earnestine Brown and business manager Marshall Jackson noted the increase in “call” traffic to the agency for service and employment. “It’s been a win/win paradigm for us to be in position to provide employment and health care service to those most in need of quality home care,” said Brown. In addition, Marshall Jackson indicated in his conversation with ADA’s president, Dunn Pearson how everyone is immensely impressed with the commercials and the measurements the agency is garnering.

ADA projects the next campaign that will run in more markets will double the “call” traffic and create expansion in services for the staffing agency.



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