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All Dunn Advertising releases "Election Prophecy" to kickoff new book ad campaign

Filmed Downtown New Haven, CT October 21, 2020

The Last American President the Warning to America

Mutti Lewis, a 21st Century prophet predicts what others are afraid to say, America is in harms way... Now is the time to reassess the direction and move!, 10/24/2020 - NEW YORK. A prophet is among us! In every ERA God prepares and sends a messenger; a prophet to and for the nation. One who provides instruction and gives clarity to events. In addition, a prophet is sent by God to give WARNING! Amos 3:7 “Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing His plan”.

The Prophet: Mutti Lewis, a successful businessman, father, husband, and patriotic African American, author, and 21st Century Prophet delivers this impacting proclamation and warning to America.

While most will discount the spiritual assignment, there are those who will take heed, prepare, and govern themselves accordingly.

PROCLAMATION to America: The Last American President is near

In spite of this being the most controversial election in modern history, you will witness the supernatural power of God to cover, sustain, and complete what he started in Donald J. Trump. He will win re-election, but he will not be able to continue exactly as before; calamity is coming and unless there is repentance the pending judgment will befall America.

Joe Biden will finally understand though he could lead, it was not God's WILL. Also, as the untangling of sovereign relationships rapidly speed up he will be thankful this was not his assignment. Donald Trump will take the Oval Office once more as commander-in-chief, but it will be short lived. He will not serve 4 years.

Mike Pence (his secret desire will finally be realized to be president though he would have never imagined in this manner) will become the last American President in the Republic. What we now know and love about America is growing dark, Mike Pence's presidency will take America down a very dark and slippery slope as the attacks from the North come without provocation. He will not be able to lead effectively.

As my fellow American, I encourage you to hear and receive the secrets of the Spirit for they are given to those who desire to know and understand and have chosen LIFE.

The lawless will not prevail, intellect cannot prevent the calamity, only God's presence will guide America through these difficult and dark hours. Unbelievers will not fair well and none are exempt.

Just as the mystery continues to surround JFK's demise, so will history tell of Donald J. Trump spiraling downfall; my vision saw him succumbing to an illness thus making way for Mike Pence to become president.

America, the tides have shifted, God is returning to claim what is his. Don't be fooled in thinking the plague will escape everyone, it will not. Many will play significant roles in these final hours of America's transformation: Jay-Z, Oprah, Tyler, Kanye West, and Louis Farrakhan. I saw them with tremendous responsibility placed on them to choose what will lift the masses, now whether they will or not, is yet to be known. But the choice will be given.

America we must remember that we are Spiritual beings given a wonderful experience to walk in human flesh, but this is not our home.

WARNING!: The greatest society on the face of the earth is at a pivotal crossroad, this republic is tittering and sadly our children will bear the brunt of what is to come if we do not prepare properly NOW!

He that has a spiritual ear to hear, hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the Nation, and wake UP!

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Forthcoming book and collection of writings that takes us beyond the election and into the new norm America will be forced to process.

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